Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Hillary for Benevolent Dictator '08 - Part 2

In an earlier post I made reference to a comment made by Hillary about all the expensive ideas she had to make this country great. Well, she's at it again. In a recent post on the Cato@Liberty blog, David Boaz writes about a Clinton ad which ran before Christmas in which our heroine is shown wrapping gifts and putting lovely tags on each one with titles such as 'Universal Health Care', or 'Universal Pre-K'. The implication is that she is somehow Santa Claus and wants to give these lovely gifts to all her adoring subjects. Makes me sick just thinking about it.

Like most politicians, and presidential candidates in particular, she loves to make promises about all the things she will 'do' for the country and completely ignores the fact that the only way she can make it happen is through coercion and force. For example, candidates talk about how 'they' will bail out mortgage holders. Or they talk about how 'they' are going to make sure that everyone will have health care. It sounds as if they personally will be paying for this. Unfortunately while most people realize that the candidates themselves aren't going to foot the bill, they somehow think that the costs will ultimately be borne by someone else and not themselves. Depressing to think about.