Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Obama really does believe Americans are idiots

I've always found President Obama to be arrogant and condescending. Watch any speech he gives and he is always pointing and lecturing as if he knows all. My opinion of his attitude was reinforced when I read this quote of his given at a recent fundraiser:
"And so part of the reason that our [Democrat] politics seems so tough right now, and facts and science and argument does not seem to be winning the day all the time, is because we're hard-wired not to always think clearly when we are scared." (emphasis mine)
We are in an anti-Democratic mood because of
"having gone through this trauma."
So, what our dear leader is telling us is that those who oppose his policies are just scared, and scared people don't think straight. What other reason could there be for America to reject his wise and grand vision? Can you say 'arrogant and condescending'? I thought you could. Actually, the President may be on to something. I do believe that people are scared. We're scared that his health care monstrosity is going to swallow up the medical field and reduce quality and quantity. We're scared that his grand spending programs are going to bankrupt the country, turning us into Greece. We're scared that his support of public sector unions and the European style corporate state is going to turn us into France. In short, were scared that his policies are going to make us all worse off. Unlike our President, however, I don't think being 'scared' is making us think less clearly. Instead, I think we are starting to think more clearly. More people are seeing the destruction caused by Washington, by both Democrats and Republicans. We still have a ways to go, however. Too many people are still swayed by politicians who claim they can 'fix' things. Government cannot 'fix' things, it typically makes things worse. The Founders had the right idea in creating a government with a limited set of powers. They saw first hand the destruction of freedom that government power causes. I believe we are starting to learn what the Founders knew. What this country needs are representatives (I refuse to call them 'leaders') who understand that government is force, and as such it should only be applied in very specific circumstances. We don't need a bunch of technocrats in office who believe they can harness the power of government to do their definition of 'good'. Instead, we need representatives who recognize that the true power that drives this country is freedom, not government command and control. A free society has no place for arrogant technocrats like our President and most members of Congress. Time to vote them all out. Then maybe we can all be less scared.